LWF Umbrella Services:

LWF provides umbrella services to ensure that our contractor clients are receiving good value for money and excellent service. Whether you are new to contracting and need a helping hand, or a seasoned contractor checking if your umbrella company is giving you the best deal, why not give us a call and we can discuss your circumstances.


LWF's AI app makes onboarding simple and straightforward. You will have real-time interaction with a dedicated consultant to assist you through the process.

LWF Smart AI Umbrella App:

LWF wants to make your business as easy to manage as possible. When you join, there’s no daily admin to agonize over – you can simply submit your timesheet each week via our easy-to-use app or online portal, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Financial Support:

All of your finances are managed on your behalf, and taxes will automatically be deducted for you, so there will be no nasty surprises. Working as an umbrella employee also means that IR35 will not be relevant to you, which is a great relief for many contractors.


Your payslip will show a breakdown of the money you have earned, and any deductions taken for tax. All of the deductions will be clearly displayed on your statement, and your wages will be paid directly into your bank account.


Working with an umbrella company provides you with the flexibility to manage your work as you see fit. It is an ideal solution if you are new to contracting and want to test the waters, or if you are working shorter contracts or are in between permanent work. Being a LWF employee means you can focus on your work, while we handle the rest.