IT Staffing

Staffing Solutions

AI-driven decision-making is an essential component of business, and our staffing services leverage AI to shorten the recruitment process and identify potential candidates that are available in the market. Our inbuilt AI system streamlines the vetting process, making it smarter and more efficient.

London Workforces (LWF) takes a multidisciplinary approach to present customers with data-driven resource recommendations.
Transform employer talent acquisition to:  
  • Real-time availability of resource for the potential position
  • Faster Recruitment Process
  • Our AI-driven system detects potential candidates to suit the client's resource requirements based on job specifications
  • 360-degree feedback to provide a fair and transparent assessment of the staff we supply and the Resource Manager.
We place skilled professionals across a range of specializations, from software architecture to development, program management to business analysis. 
Contracting Staff:

London Workforces (LWF) offers smart contracting professionals to support project ramp-up, product development, and maintenance. They have a pool of experienced and cost-efficient professionals who are a perfect match for the role and can start delivering results right away. LWF's contract staffing services allow businesses to achieve their project milestones without committing to permanent headcount additions to their team. This approach provides organizations with a flexible and scalable solution to meet their staffing needs.

Contract to Hire:
London Workforces (LWF) offers a contract-to-hire service that provides flexibility for companies to hire contractors who are deployed in their projects on a temporary basis. If the company is interested in converting the temporary position into a permanent one, the contractor can become a permanent employee in the future. This service allows companies to evaluate the contractor's skills and fit with the company culture before making a long-term commitment to hiring them as a permanent employee.
Find the right person for your team, right away:

Finding the right person for your team through permanent staffing can be challenging. That's where London Workforces (LWF) comes in. Our recruiters can help you cut down the time it takes to fill your role and ensure that you bring the right person on board. We act as your advocate in the IT market, helping you attract top talent to your team. You can breathe easier knowing that you've got the best firm in the business on your side.

Find the right person for your team, right away:

LWF understands the concerns that come with outsourcing IT projects. We know that it can be difficult to know whether your outsourcing partner will be reliable and whether the partnership will be successful.

There are several factors that can affect the success of an outsourcing partnership, including the IT outsourcing partner's service model, your readiness for outsourcing, project vision and requirements, and overall experience with strategic partnerships. It's important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to IT outsourcing.

At LWF, we believe in structuring collaboration with outsourced partners in the most effective way possible. We strive to provide our clients with exceptional service and support to ensure that their outsourcing projects are successful. In this post, we will discuss the right and wrong ways to structure collaboration with outsourced partners, to help you achieve your business goals.