Our process

Our team at Open Enterprises AI apply leading practices in data science and crowdsourcing to solve problems being tackled by organisations. We harness the power of our global community of data scientists in our 4-6 week Challenges, to come up with the best, viable predictive models.
STEP 1: Framing a problem into a Challenge
We plan each Challenge by analysing the data available to us. We use this alongside the Challenge partner’s needs to frame a productive question and a set of requirements that our data scientists can respond to.
STEP 2: Hosting the Challenge
In the next stage, we host an online, open-innovation Challenge where professional data scientists, researchers and students come together to build a sustainable model. We go a step further by providing training sessions to bridge the knowledge and skills gap between participants.
STEP 3: Productising our model for our Challenge partner
Finally, we work with our partner to productise and integrate the proposed model into their organisation so that they can effectively carry out their mission.