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LWF is a recruitment agency that manages the entire recruitment process for businesses seeking skilled and competent resources in both IT and non-IT roles. With 18 years of industry experience, we have successfully provided recruitment solutions across all business verticals. Our team of specialist recruiters offers tailored solutions for various industries, such as factories, warehouses, hospitality, and healthcare. Our services include identifying suitable resources, performing background checks, and managing the entire onboarding process.

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LWF team is comprised of Top Universities alumni across the world with over 18 plus years’ experience of recruitment consultancy solutions to recruit both IT and Non-IT  resources.  

We are providing HR Recruitment solutions to the small to medium sized projects and programmes. 

LWF is providing experienced and most reliable resources for each business verticals.



LWF use a Artificial Intelligence driven recruitment consultancy and solutions to help organisations in the financial services, healthcare, retail, and more industry verticals. We provide resource just within 24 hours after receiving initial request.


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